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What is Cave 9?

Cave9 came about at the very beginning of January 2004 in a small terraced house in Stoke on Trent.

A place for people who were misunderstood is what was born.

And now we find ourselves some months down the line as an expanding group of friends.

United in the pursuit of truth, peace and harmony, the love of music, creativity and learning, the fascination with mind expansion and the ever present chattering of all manner of random bollox.....

So why cave 9? I hear you cry....

Well - the core of our membership met during the course of 2003 on an msn chat room called Cloud 9. Without entering into detail, a body of people were, over the course of several months, kicked off the cloud. In our indignation we created a new msn community that represented why we had been kicked off the narrowminded and paranoid cloud 9. In short we were kicked off for speaking our minds and those minds were all similar in that they were open. We chose the name Cave9 to pay homage to where we had all met and also to represent our relationship to the planet and all things cavey.

The term Cave conjurs up all kinds of images but for the creators of Cave9 it represented a place that was a shelter from life's storms, it represented a dark place that was full of colour and beauty. It represented a place where treasures could be hidden and only those that knew about the cave would be able to see them.


Who are we?


We are normal everyday people from all over the UK and further afield.

We are no distinguishers of age or ethnicity, sex or religion. We only ask that you come be with us for a while or forever but that you leave your preconceptions at the enterance to the cave.

We are all highly creative and individualistic souls that, for some inexplicable reason, have recoginsed wibbly wobbly web land as our playground.

This site is often referred to as my (fly) site but in truth it is the community website of an expanding group of friends ... I merely had the time and compunction to pull it all together.

Some of our core members aren't even registered on the forum pages ... this is Cave 9.

You got here so you must belong...

Most of the members here would agree that nothing happens without a reason...

No random meeting of minds but a plot in a grand theatrical work called life.

If you are reading this for the first time and you feel like you want to belong then you must belong. You do belong. You are just returning to a family's embrace after a time doing your thing.....

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cannabliss.co.uk and marijuanatokers.com is where you can find the fragmented Cloud 9 if you want