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What is an entheogen?

An Entheogen is any psycho-active substance that allows the user to reach a state of trance and experience a sense of ego loss that in turn allows the user to connect with the inner self .. the inner self being our key to understanding mankinds purpose and the concept of God.. an essential tool of the Shaman.

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The entheogens used more commonly by the community at large are:

Marijuana,Psilocybin and Ecstasy.

Marijuana and Ecstasy or mdma are used by thousands upon thousands of people across the UK every day yet relatively little is known in official circles about these two drugs .. tetrahydrocannabinol and methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Psilocybin is found naturally occuring all over the world and is more commonly known as magic mushrooms or shrooms. Magic Mushrooms are sometimes referred to as Gods Flesh by indigenous south american tribes with a shamanic tradition. Much of north european folk-lore and symbolism is rooted in shamanic practice from a time before christianity swept over the planet. Readers maybe familiar with pictures of Red and White spotted Fly Agaric which are heavily associated with Fairy Lore all over the British Isles and northern europe.... are they just stories? ... or did our ancestors really travel between planes of conciousness to visit the fairy folk? who knows... but in utilising one or many of these entheogenic tools , to unlock parts of our brains ... almost anything becomes possible .. and less and less becomes impossible....

We don't ask that you suddenly start consuming drugs maaaan hehe...

Rather that you take the time to study and properly understand how these substances work.. how they should be taken ... what measures should be inplace to ensure that the maximum gain is had from the substance ... that the substance isnt abused... We have several community members available for one to one counselling on all manner of issues including substance abuse - please ask admin for details in the strictest confidence of course. As a growing group of friends we advocate safe and healthy mind expansion and as such would not encourage getting off ones head as a method of mind expansion.

Entheogen Healing in practice:

I am. I am many things but one of the things I am is a healer. I practice original Usui Reiki. I study under Dez Sellars who is mentioned over there >>>.

I have been taking E and Psilocybin for a couple of years now. I love the feelings of cleanliness that these substances give me. When I am on E I like to fill the atmosphere with positive energy and I like to ease people's pain. Be that mental anguish by talking with them or physical pain by laying my hands on them. I cannot help myself - this is part of who I am.

On E I can see the colours of energy better. I can greater appreciate the complexity of the conditions. On E I am reminded to breathe and relax and love. I don't need this drug to do this but doing this drug has helped me along the road to becoming a reiki practicioner. I love meditating with my friends. There is something so deep and beautiful about sharing reiki with the people I love. Its more intimate than making love - if that makes sense. Because mdma works on our psyche by removing barriers of social conditioning - its a great tool to use for the modern shaman when used in combination with meditative trance like states and hands-on healing. It makes people more receptive to what they are pulling through me and into them. They feel it stronger in my opinion.

Shrooms for me are a very solitary tool and I am more inclined to use them when distance healing is required. I find it hard to relax and shrooms help me sit and just 'be'. I can spend hours in deep meditation and can send light right around the world. Here is something my little sis Haitch wrote when she was still feeling the effects of LSD.....

Work of Haitch 2004 (used with authors kind permission)

I sit here staring as the world rolls around the sun. I spiral and swerl as the clouds grow to tell a tale. Magestic Lions stampede the sky. Fluffy trees and happy people. The beat rocks me, spinnin, energy flows, mind is free. Look up and reach around the world, take a hug from Mother Earth, so free. Lost for words at home in thought.

Tea. To give. To receive. To give thanks...and stomp...share your feelings with the world, with each other....friends, brothers, sisters, seers, learners, teachers, bringers of people ... weave a web, share this love, this unity....

Music... food of the soul. You can hear it when you dream, when you breathe. I feel it, The whole world breathes... if you listen you can hear it.

People dance, their souls holding hands in a dream state to come to love, the energy heals, this energy is love......




  Adz' introduction to EnthEogEns and Reiki

Work of Adz 2004 (used with kind permission of the author)

Physically disabled, I lay on the floor staring up at faces, some old, some new but all dear to me. I clutch the floor, searching for support. There it is.

I roll into great comfort and grab a pillow. Surrounding me are almost all the people I truly love. I love all of them.

I rest my havy body into the soft comforting carpet and something clicks. Was it a string? Was it a melody? Was it bass or simply a sound in my head? Wherever it came from it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

I open my eyes and heat rushes from my middle, all the way up my spine, through my heart and neck into my head. Suddenly I can see Music.

Rivers flow through my forehead as blue fountains shoot up my body into my eyes. Around me are red clouds and blue trees, green rivers and black sky.

What is this? I don't know. Its definatley golden but it isn't metallic. It's warm to touch but even warmer to feel. I feel it in my head, chest and arms.

"What is this Simon?"

"Its tea Adz - drink it"

Tea such a beautiful feeling.

My face is red and black. My arms are orange and my hands are bright red. I breathe in deeply and look up. My eyes are closed. I look down at my hands but my eyes are still closed. Energy is sucked into my closed eyes and every hair down my spine. My hands light up intense and red and my fingers melt into Sarah's shoulders.

"Did Adz just put his hands on you Sar?"

" Yeah they're on my shoulders"

" I can feel his energy straight away"


Fly -

Adz wrote this after spending a weekend with Fly, VIP, Haitch and Smiley Si amongst many others. He took some mdma and he flew through the weekend with the biggest smile on his beautiful face. He is a natural healer and he didnt know till that weekend. I drew Reiki through him and into VIP's knees - Adz is now going to undertake study to become a reiki practicioner under Dez Sellars who is my Reiki Master. http://www.meridianhealing.co.uk


The Facts:

There are alot of websites and all manner of reading material out there which address psycho-active substances and their use in modern society. As an accomplished web-surfer I have seen my fair share but I shall bring your attention to these two websites suggested by my friend and community artist Colorsound....

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