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I often describe Music as the one true universal language because I truly believe it is the only thing that would transcend boundaries created by spoken languages...

Nobody needs to understand a language to appreciate music, You don't need to be able to read music or even know much about how music is constructed to appreciate it. You dont even have to hear music to appreciate it as the frequencies that make up music are felt aswell as heard .. they are also seen as closed eye visuals by many many people who do not have to take neck loads of drugs to see the music but are born or learn the ability to see frequencies.....


please not that the image below is not an image produced by a cave9 member


Ya know that tune that gets you right in the solar plexus? The one that has all your hairs standing up across your entire body and makes you wanna cry and laugh at the same time ... well thats a choooooon. People may have one tune or many tunes but what bugs me and most of my friends is people who shout Tune about fuckin crap music. I am sorry but it has to be said that there is a world of difference between good music and shit music, and the difference is so easy to distinguish that it always leaves me flabbergasted when we get people on the pal room playing shit tunes.....

So What Constitutes a CHOOOOOOOON?

lol well each to their own I suppose but for me a choooooon is one that hits me on a multitude of levels. It usually leaves me physically ecstatic for want of a better word. Usually because the tune has been made with a soul. Soulless music is shit. Music with soul is welcomed in abundance. What is the difference.. its purely down to tingles up the spine unfortunatley .. well at least for me anyways. The tingles then bring on memories of happy or sad times and then work their way into my brain where a connection is made. This connection gives me a burst of adrenaline and I find myself grinning and possibly crying at the same time in utter happiness - safe as fuck!! Now I don't like opera for its wobbly voices but thats just a personal gripe. Any piece of impassioned music is a choooooooon. From Mozart through to Massive Attack its all good!!

So why this page then?

Well. In short we are on the verge of something pretty fuckin amazing in this community. All it is gonna take is a bit of determination, stubborn refusal for things not to not happen and a badgering the fuck outta peoples attitude to get things happening ... oh good.. that would be the Flyski/ Haitchski combination in full effect then mwah ha ha ha ha. We already have the pal room which is open daily and has already seen some excellent live dj work from friends DJ Kuga and our very own Yelever etc. We have family members who ain't online but who are itching to stretch their mixing muscles and all we really need is a generator and a field and watch out Cave9Fest 2005 :-)

Am I talking shit? or am I talking the best fucking community/group of friends that any of us have ever experienced ?? this page is about battling against that weary old monster APATHY and getting some arses in gear. I'm up for it - are you?